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Next Planet

Next Planet

Climate Anxiety: The Youth Wants a Different Planet

Climate change looms as one of the most pressing global threats, and the younger generation is acutely attuned to this reality. They understand that they will inherit the consequences of climate change, and understandably, they carry a deep concern for the future of our planet. This mounting apprehension, often referred to as “climate anxiety,” has become an increasingly significant issue for young people worldwide.

In this session, the focus will be on delving into the multifaceted effects of climate anxiety on young individuals and exploring pathways to harness this passion and concern for constructive engagement. The aim is to provide a platform for dialogue and sharing insights that can equip young people with the tools to transform their anxiety into meaningful action.

  • How is climate change affecting the mental health of young people and what are some ways to address climate anxiety?
  • What is the role of young people in advocating for environmental policies that can mitigate the impact of climate change?
  • Why is it important to empower youth to take action on climate change?
  • What are some strategies for reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable living practices?