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What is NEXT?

NEXT by TRT World Forum is an international platform for aspiring journalists, academics, activists, NGO representatives and entrepreneurs to voice and exchange ideas around pressing contemporary issues in order to create a more sustainable future.

Next will faciliate ongoing dialogue and interaction between speakers and participants throughout the year by providing additional activities and opportunities for engagement. Our goal, in alignment with the mission of the TRT World Forum, is to unite diverse participants from around the globe to foster discussions on crucial matters concerning our rapidly evolving world.

The Event

Through various topics ranging from education to social entrepreneurship, and from accessibility to the future of our planet, NEXT encourages and inspires young people to shape the future by fostering dialogue and debate on a unique global stage.

At last year’s event, NEXT featured 10 panels, 1 exclusive session, 5 workshops, and 28 main speakers, attracted over 1029 attendees from more than 2112 applications submitted.

A divers group of international guests participated in the event, represting various countries including the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Sudan, Chile, Pakistan, India, Jordan, Namibia, Tanzania and Nigeria.



  • AI Frontiers: Defying Expectations, Redefining Limits

NEXT Business

  • Human Factor in the Workplace and its Future

NEXT Sport

  • Ctrl+Alt+Compete: A Dive into E-sports Arena

NEXT Planet

  • Waste to Wealth: Taking Action for  a Greener Tomorrow

NEXT Health

  • From Stress to Strength: The Road to Emotional Well-Being

NEXT Society

  • Promoting Futures: Safeguarding Rights for Women and Children Worldwide

NEXT Leads

  • The Youthful Architects of Peace: The Next Generation’s Role

NEXT Travel

  • Beyond Earth’s Horizon: Exploring the Cosmos From Outside Of the Atmosphere

NEXT Art&Culture

  • Silent Roadmaps: Art and Culture’s Transformative Roles

NEXT Media

  • Trust or Trap? Navigating the Complexities of Social Media

What awaits us at NEXT?

  • Panels and keynote speeches from dynamic experts and thought leaders on the main stage throughout the day
  • Numerous workshops where young people can share their innovative ideas
  • The opportunity to engage with distinguished leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers from various fields
  • Networking areas to provide participants with dedicated spaces to connect, interact, and establish valuable professional relationships