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Next Leads

Kindness Will Save The Future: Social Entrepreneurship

Amidst the complexities of our world, social entrepreneurship emerges as a mighty force, propelling profound and positive change. This session embarks on a journey to unravel the transformative power of social entrepreneurship in shaping a kinder and more compassionate future.

This session aims to explore the transformative potential of social entrepreneurship in addressing societal issues and paving the way for a kinder future. It will also showcase innovative ideas, initiatives, and strategies employed by young social entrepreneurs to tackle pressing social issues. This session celebrates the immense power of kindness and delves into the transformative role of social entrepreneurship in building a brighter and more compassionate world.

  • How can social entrepreneurship leverage compassion and empathy to address pressing social issues and create lasting impact?
  • What innovative strategies and initiatives have young social entrepreneurs implemented to tackle complex challenges and foster a kinder future?
  • In what ways does kindness play a crucial role in driving positive change through social entrepreneurship?
  • How can collaborative efforts and shared resources enhance the effectiveness of social entrepreneurship in addressing societal issues and promoting inclusivity?