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Next Business

Responsible Business: Pathways to a Sustainable Future

Businesses wield significant influence over society, and their actions carry profound consequences. As consumer awareness of the social and environmental impact of their choices grows, businesses face increasing pressure to uphold higher standards of responsibility. However, the responsibility of businesses should extend beyond consumer demands. It should stem from their own values, ethics, and commitment to shaping a sustainable future.

This session aims to shed light on the concept of responsible business and provide practical insights on how to put it into action. The focus will be on the pivotal role that businesses play in addressing the social and environmental challenges of our time. Emphasizing the importance of sustainability in business practices, we will explore strategies and approaches that have proven successful in creating a positive impact.

  • In what ways can youth be involved in promoting responsible business practices and advocating for corporate social responsibility and sustainability?
  • How can businesses engage and empower young people in decision-making processes related to responsible business practices?
  • What are some innovative ways that businesses can partner with youth-led organisations and initiatives to promote positive social and environmental outcomes?
  • How can businesses measure and communicate the impact of their responsible business practices to young people and other stakeholders?
  • How can businesses ensure that their responsible business practices are inclusive and address the needs and perspectives of diverse youth populations?