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NEXT Art&Culture

NEXT Art&Culture

Silent Roadmaps: Art and Culture’s Transformative Roles

Arts and culture play a central role in shaping human societies, serving as indispensable channels for meaningful communication. Beyond their social impact, they play an integral role in education and personal development, fostering creativity and empathy. These elements also act as powerful tools in the pursuit of social justice, addressing societal issues through mediums such as public art and challenging stereotypes to promote social inclusion and diversity.

At its core, the interplay between art and culture functions as a dynamic force that intricately weaves the rich tapestry of societies. This symbiotic relationship acts as a catalyst to ignite social awareness, with art acting as a reflective mirror of the collective consciousness within a community or society at large.

This session will undertake a comprehensive exploration into how the interplay between art and culture not only shapes the fabric of societies but also serves as a potent catalyst for elevating social awareness, reshaping perceptions, and fostering positive change on both individual and collective levels.

● How do art and culture serve as powerful tools in addressing societal issues and promoting social justice, particularly through mediums like public art?

● How does the interplay between art and culture contribute to nurturing creativity and empathy, both in individual development and broader societal contexts?

● Given the dynamic force of the interplay between art and culture, how can this relationship be harnessed to bridge cultural divides and promote intercultural understanding?

● Given the global nature of societal challenges, how do we imagine the collaborative potential of international arts and cultural exchange in promoting positive change?