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What is NEXT?

NEXT by TRT World Forum aims to provide an international platform where young pioneering journalists, academics, activists, NGO members and entrepreneurs can voice and exchange ideas while addressing the most controversial issues of our time to shape a more inclusive and sustainable future. Within this framework, Next by TRT World Forum encourages and inspires young people to take responsibility in shaping the future and building a sustainable world by combining their experiences and skills.

The interactions provided with the speakers and participants during the event will be maintained by extending the event activities throughout the year. Substantial outcomes will be delivered via projects and workshops organised throughout the event. Moreover, in line with the mission of TRT World Forum, we aim to bring together a diversity of voices and provide a platform for discussing the most important issues in our rapidly changing world.

The Event

NEXT by TRT World Forum, which will take place on June 20, 2023, will feature panels that will discuss what awaits us in the future while also seeking answers to some of today’s most  interesting and pressing questions. A range of issues, from climate change to space tourism, from the latest advances in technology to society regression, and from instant consumption content to sustainable business models, will be debated at NEXT by TRT World Forum! In this context, topics that have already had an impact today and concern the future will be presented to the participants of NEXT through interactive and eye-opening events.

For a unique experience, NEXT by TRT World Forum will also include an NFT Workshop, metaverse experiences, exclusive interviews, board games, a news studio, social media corner and workshop areas for the participants. While having the chance to meet the speakers on the main stage for exciting discussions, the unique event experience will continue throughout the day in the foyer area!


NEXT Education

  • Reinventing Education: Breaking Barriers, Empowering Minds

NEXT Accessibility

  • Access 2.0: Building an Inclusive Future through Technology and Design

NEXT Collective Action

  • Meaningful Engagement: Reducing the Impacts of Disasters Together

NEXT Travel

  • Hitting the Road Differently: The Changing Future of Travel

NEXT Planet

  • Climate Anxiety: The Youth Wants a Different Planet

Next Business

  • Responsible Business: Pathways to a Sustainable Future

Next Media

  • The New Frontier: How AI is Revolutionising Media Content

Next Leads

  • Kindness Will Save The Future: Social Entrepreneurship

Next Sport

  • The Inner Story: Diving into the Life of Athletes

What awaits us at NEXT?

  • Expert speakers, including journalists, activists and decision-makers from different all around the world!
  • Multiple workshops for young people to get involved with their innovative ideas
  • Exclusive interviews with pioneering young leaders, entrepreneurs and social media influencers who have made a difference in their fields.
  • Networking areas
  • Panels and speeches that will continue throughout the day on the main stage