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NEXT Society

Promoting Futures: Safeguarding Rights for Women and Children Worldwide

Children and women present striking examples that require global attention and joint efforts in terms of the conditions they face and the difficulties they experience in conflict zones. While children and women in these regions face many difficulties, such as exposure to traumatic events and deprivation of basic security rights, the international community remains silent. This silence about the inequalities faced by these vulnerable individuals not only compounds the suffering they experience but also highlights a failure to address the root causes of conflict and work towards a more just and equitable world for all.

In this session, the challenges faced by children and women in conflict zones will be discussed, with a focus on the inequalities they experience. The depth and prevalence of inequalities inflicted by this process, ranging from exposure to violence to disruptions in education resulting in lasting psychological effects on children and women living in conflict zones, will be addressed. Additionally, the inadequacies in the international community’s efforts to aid these groups will be discussed, along with factors contributing to further exacerbating issues and increasing inequalities.

● What specific challenges do children and women face in conflict zones, and how do these challenges affect access to basic rights?

● How does the lack of basic rights impact the lives of children and women in areas affected by conflict?

● What are effective strategies to alleviate disruptions in education and reduce the lasting psychological effects of exposure to violence?

● What role can humanitarian aid, policy advocacy, and international collaboration play in creating meaningful solutions for the challenges faced by children and women in conflict zones?