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NEXT Leads

NEXT Leads

The Rise of Digital Assets and the Future of Blockchain

Once in the margins, digital assets have becoming increasingly mainstream economic tools. Blockchain technology has introduced faster, cheaper, transparent financial transactions through digital assets such as cryptocurrencies as well as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that allow certification of ownership of authentic digital media. From individual investors to global financial institutions, digital assets have become increasingly popular. People can own and transfer a digital representation of an online value thanks to blockchain technology, which offers decentralized supervision and decision-making system by disintermediating central authorities such as governments or banks. However, besides its benefits, blockchain also raises important questions regarding its potential use in illegal activities. Given this, how will digital assets alter our lives? How can today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders benefit from blockchain technology to make the world a better place while mitigating its negative aspects? What’s NEXT for digital assets?

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