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NEXT Leads

NEXT Leads

The Youthful Architects of Peace: The Next Generation’s Role

As conflicts weave their intricate narratives, the younger generation steps onto the stage, assuming impactful roles in forging peace before, during, and after periods of upheaval. Amidst ongoing global conflicts, this session not only delves into the challenges but serves as a brainstorming hub for the positive changes young individuals can instigate in the current climate of war and discord. Rooted in the principles of UNSC Resolution 2250, which advocates for active youth engagement in promoting global  peace, this session aims to present a robust exchange of ideas on how youth can contribute to justice, reconciliation, and a world free from the threats of conflicts.

The overarching goal of this session is to inspire young leaders to embrace their roles as peace ambassadors. It encourages them to bridge divides, foster understanding, and champion causes contributing to a more equitable and just world. Focusing also on Israel’s ongoing war on Gaza, , this session illuminates the youth’s vision to  achieve enduring peace. The session aims to empower young minds to be architects of a future defined by tranquillity, striving not only to cease existing conflicts but also to embark on post-conflict recovery initiatives, ensuring a peaceful future for all.

● How do the youth actively contribute to conflict prevention and peace-building efforts?

● In which ways do the youth serve as agents of positive change, delivering crucial humanitarian support during times of conflict?

● What role do young people play in post-conflict processes, such as truth and reconciliation initiatives?

● How can we develop collaborative frameworks when envisioning youth as peace architects in the scope of Israel’s war on Gaza?